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Wine cellar

The wine cellar, recently built, is equipped with the most modern technologies in order to produce high quality Tuscan wines. In the wine-making room you can find temperature controlled steel vats in which fermentation is managed by computers.

The ageing and improving phases are still made with the old and  completely artisan method.We age our wines in big oak barrels (typical of the traditional Tuscan way) and/or in small oak barriques (typical of the French method). In the ageing room you can find a timeless atmosphere, where wood improves the wine quality under the careful look of Alessandra Mari, the historical property owner, illustrated in a fresco by Giovannino Franchi.

The production chain is completed by the bottling and labeling phases. Thanks to special machines and equipment our bottling phase respect high quality and hygienical standards. The bottles are left to “sleep” for some months in order to complete the improving and then they’re labeled and wrapped. All the production chain is directly managed by the family in order to be sure that our wines respect high standards and quality in each production phase.