The wines


Red wines


Resulting from a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Souvignon, it’s a dark ruby ​​red wine with violet notes. Improved in oak barriques for 24 months and aged in bottles for at least 6, this wine hasa complex and elegant, fruity and sweet spicy scent.

On the palate it is soft, with a persistent aftertaste. Its charm is precisely in the calibrated fusion of its components. A perfect wine for meat such as steaks and pork  and forcheese.

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Cabernet Franc, present prevalently in this wine, perfectly represents the minerality of our territory, sweetened by the notes of Merlot and the vivacity of Sangiovese.

The aging in large oak barrels and in 2nd passage barriques give to this Tuscan wine an intense ruby ​​red color and fruity aroma, with cinnamon and tobacco notes. Strong and vigorous wine, perfect for meats   (it’s excellent with the Tuscan “Fiorentina!)”, and  also for meats with  sauces, pasta first courses and semi-mature cheeses.

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Perfect expression of Tuscan varieties, this Sangiovese sweetened by a low percentage of Alicante Bouschet has a fiery red vermilion color.

Its scent recalls sour cherry, with floral notes. The improving in steel tank makes it a fresh and young product, perfect for pasta dishes.

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The most well-known Tuscan wine, that fully represents the tradition of our land. It has the classic characteristics of Chianti, result of almost pure Sangiovese The aging that here elevates the Sangiovese to perfection, takes place in large oak barrels, typical of the classic Tuscan method.

The color is a ruby ​​red, with ample and fruity aromas. On the palate it has a harmonious flavor, with the typical tannin of Sangiovese in prominence. It is the ideal wine to taste with the typical Tuscan cured pork meats and cheeses, but also for meats that have a simple cooking method.

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The combination of Alicante Bouschet and Sangiovese gives life to this highly drinkable wine. Its color is given by the prevailing Alicante Bouschet and shows a beautiful intense ruby ​​red.

An ample and persuasive aroma makes it a product that, although simple, is extremely appealing. Its medium structure and the excellent combination of tannin and acidity make it perfect for first courses and red meat.

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Flagship of the estate  production, it was created for the first time in 2002, a year not very favorable for classic wine production. An extremely sunny November allowed the grapes left on  the vines to wither before they were harvested.

The result is this late harvest Merlot, whose color, dark red with amber tones, is the result of aging in oak barriques for 50 months. The sweet, soft and extremely structured taste makes it a perfect dessert wine, especially with typical Tuscan dry pastries. In contrast, instead, it’s perfect with very aged cheeses.

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Rose Wines


Pure Sangiovese, produced thanks to vinification and subsequent maturation in steel. It is a fresh product, perfect foraperitifs.

Soft red color and fruity aroma. The freshness prevails on light tannins and its harmonious and dry taste make it more than appreciated even by the ferrier lovers of red.

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White wines


Produced with only Chardonnay grapes, this wine vinifies and ages in steel tanks for about a year and is subsequently aged in the bottle for three months at least.

The simplicity of the wine-making process allows the variety to fully express its characteristics, creating a wine with a fruity aroma and intense banana notes.

The typical Chardonnay minerality stands out in its flavor. A Tuscan white perfect for fish, but also for white meats.

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Its name really wants to recall the Tuscan tradition in the production of white. L’arrogante is the result of a blend between Malvasia and Trebbiano, the varieties that the Tuscan sharecroppers typically cultivated for the family needs.

Straw yellow color, with light green reflections. The scent recalls yellow apples and its flavor is perfectly balanced between the Trebbiano savory and the sweetness of Malvasia. The combination is excellent with white meat, especially those that are roasted.

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Sparkling wine


Our Belle Bolle, product result from the collaboration between Poggio Molina and an important farm from Friuli, is a wine that comes out from the most ancient method for making sparkling wine. Thanks to this method, the second alcohol fermentation take place naturally on the yeast and this phase goes on for a lasting period  before the “degorgment”.

The result is a sparkling wine that can compete with the most famous champenoise wines thanks to its high quality, its subtle and persistent perlage and harmonious and well balanced structure.

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