The Farm


Our Farm

At the heart of our estate you find  the ancient house whose structures date back to 1300 and which was rebuilt in the 1700s.  Near-by you find the recently built wine cellar and tasting room. Here the underground floor houses the wine-making room, equipped with the most modern technologies for producing wine and the aging room, where time improves the quality of our Tuscan wines. On the ground level floor, you have a wide wine tasting room and a wonderful terrace that looks out at the heart of our vineyards.

Poggio Molina is owned  and managed by the Bossini-Gori family.  it is the dedication of all the talent of our family that allows us to produce   such high quality Tuscan wines..  From our intense search for the perfect varieties that will express the character of our territory to our commitment to the artisan wine making methods using high quality modern technology we have dedicated all our talent to offer you the highest quality Tuscan Wines.

All the vineyards and the three more important red wine blends (Vinobono, LoScopaio and Le Caldie) were studied and created under the oversight of the enologist Dr. Stefano Chioccioli.

Each wine making phase is directly handled by our family: we cultivate the plants, we harvest, we make the wine and, only if the product reflects our standard quality, we bottle and label our wines. Love for our land and the careful management of the vineyards are our birth-right and we treat each with the upmost respect.

We also directly sell our products in order to guarantee to our customers a good quality-price relationship and to inform them about production chain and farm philosophy. On our estate you can directly taste and buy  all our Tuscan wines and olive oil.

When you visit you will find our family members in the vineyards caring for the land.  In all seasons there is a lot of work to be done!  We will receive you with pleasure and offer you a taste of the fruits of our labor.  Please come and discover this corner of Tuscany and our family and history.