Belle Bolle

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Our Belle Bolle, product result from the collaboration between Poggio Molina and an important farm from Friuli, is a wine that comes out from the most ancient method for making sparkling wine.

Thanks to this method, the second alcohol fermentation take place naturally on the yeast and this phase goes on for a lasting period  before the “degorgment”.

The result is a sparkling wine that can compete with the most famous champenoise wines thanks to its high quality, its subtle and persistent perlage and harmonious and well balanced structure.

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WINE TYPE:  High quality sparkling wine. Classic method Talento

PRODUCTION AREA: Friuli Grave on the left side of Tagliamento river. Alluvial level ground with predominace of stones and gravels. Poor land, but particolarly siutable for viticulture

GRAPE: Pinot white 50{c6511bcb7515e97f8556c23b11e9d4b548987104ebbdc00cf2c8790269a96cd5} – Chardonnay 50{c6511bcb7515e97f8556c23b11e9d4b548987104ebbdc00cf2c8790269a96cd5}

HARVEST:  End of August, rigorously handmade

WINE MAKING:   Soft press made with whole grapes. 80{c6511bcb7515e97f8556c23b11e9d4b548987104ebbdc00cf2c8790269a96cd5} of the must is fermented in steel tanks, while the remaining part in barriques. Lasting improving in yeast. At the end of winter time, the two parts are put together

BOTTLING AND AGING: Bottled in late springtime after the harvest in order to let a perfect second fermentation. The wine stays “sur lie” more than 3 years before the “degorgement”

DISGORGEMENT: Indicated by a number on the label that specifies month and year.

ALCOHOL PERCENTAGE:  12 {c6511bcb7515e97f8556c23b11e9d4b548987104ebbdc00cf2c8790269a96cd5} vol.


GASTRONOMY: Perfect for aperitifs. Its flavour and tasting is intensified with Parmigiano Reggiano



COLOUR:  Straw yellow

PERLAGE:  Subtle and lasting

SMELL:  Well pronounced yeast notes, bread crust and ripe fruit

TASTING: Fresh, well structured, harmonious and well balanced

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