The Farm

The history of Poggio Molina

Poggio Molina has a rich and ancient history.  It is located in the territory of the Valdarno within the D.O.C. appellation for Chianti.  This region was first specified in a delcartion made by Cosimo de Medici III in 1716.  This places us in the center of the history of the area that was recognized at the best territory to grow and produce the best Tuscan wines.Poggio Molina. Located in the Val d’Ambra hills at the height of 300 meters, has about 90 hectares,  16 of which are planted in vineyards.

The origin of the farm name probably derives from its location: Poggio Molina is situated on the hill (“poggio” in Tuscan dialect) right above the old mill (Molina) of the village which sat on the Ambra river that still boarders our boundary. Another version, however, ascribes its name to the fact that it is a very windy place, even in summer, an area where  the windalways blows (“rimulina”  means blow in Tuscan dialect).  This wind helps to dry our vineyards after rain and gives us a unique advantage in our grape growing!

The land where Poggio Molina is found historically belonged to the Cini – Mari family from Montevarchi Poggio Molina was brought to its maximum splendor in terms of productivity by Alessandra Mari (1760-1848) , “the Amazon from Valdarno”, a woman with charm and a strong intelligence that allowed her,  to play a   fundamental role in the political decisions during the Viva Maria revolt ( a campagine to drive the French out of Italy)..   It was Alessandra, together with her husband Lorenzo and the British ambassador Lord William F. Wyndham who entered Florence at the head of 2500 men to free the city from the French yoke.

In 1996 the Bossini Gori family decided to buy a part of the land once owned by Alessandra.   From childhood the brother and sister team of Alba and Adriano Gori had a dream of creating a wine and olive oil estate that would also be a place to farm and live.   Along with their spouses – Claudio Bossini and Gianna Setti they purchased a ruin surrounded by uncultivated land.

From here, the flourishing adventure of this territory begins again.